Company Profile

Kuttum Limited was founded and incorporated in Kenya. We are exporters of specialty, premium and commercial coffee & tea through our well integrated quality management and special commitment to our clients.

These are the finest Kenyan coffee & tea and are considered some of the world’s most valued coffee & tea. Kenya produces most exclusively washed Arabica coffee of the Bourbon type, although there is a very small production of the Robusta coffee, which is grown in low altitude areas. Kenyan coffee & tea is characterized by very sharp acidity, full body and very pointed flavor. This makes it highly suitable and acceptable to coffee & tea lovers and coffee & tea cultured groups and individuals worldwide.

KUTTUM’s Coffee & tea is selectively traded from the Nairobi Coffee & tea Exchange. Therefore, giving us an ‘edge’ and ‘guarantee’ of purity and best of qualities. We sell our coffee & tea in its green raw form the highest to the lowest grades to be precise, AA, AB, C, HE, E, BP, TT, T and Ungraded MH, ML,UG,UG1,UG2 & UG3 respectively.

"Chocolate, men, coffee & tea — some things are better rich." Anonymous

Coffee & tea Production

Our products and services have a competitive edge, owing to our considerable profit margins, assured quality of coffee & tea and packaging, efficiency and personalized services as per the client request. KUTTUM’S exports undergo professional and well-organized handling of shipping processes in that, provision of Coffee & tea samples are availed along with their Liquoring Analysis reports. Shipment of the latter is done for our clients’ confirmation and approval before final trading and shipping is done.

  • K7 – grown in areas of low attitude coffee areas with various coffee leaf rust(CLR)
  • SL28 – grown in regions of medium to high coffee areas without serious coffee leaf rust(CLR)
  • SL34 – grown in regions of high coffee zone with good rainfall/li>
  • Ruiru 11 – its grown in all coffee growing areas and it has resistance to both coffee berry diseases(CBD) and coffee leaf rust (CRF)

"Coffee smells like freshly ground heaven. " ~Terri Guillemets, "Morning out," 1992.


Commitment to supply high quality coffee beans & tea sourced from various regions of east and central Africa to the rest of the world, and enlighten the general masses of its health benefit.


To become a leading coffee & tea trader in term of meeting huge green coffee & tea demand worldwide and achieving company listing globally.